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Monday, July 7, 2008

Mixed Martial Arts

A lot of people feel that mixed martial art is a very adaptable and powerful system for combat. I myself agree to it. This is because of the wide range of combat contact within MMA system. The modern context of MMA has been largely misunderstood as grappling and submissive techniques in fighting, since most MMA competitions end up on the ground.

MMA is a system of MIXED martial arts. In fact, this modern term is just a term to describe the use of cross-disciplines in martial arts from different nationality or culture.

In fact, I would like to bring the awareness of some traditional forms of martials arts or kungfu that are mixed martial arts system themselves.

One such example is the chinese Mantis Kungfu. It started off with simple hand-to-hand strikes, feinting, parrying, dodging, and side-steps. Gradually, the Mantis Kungfu evolves radically to include kicking, locking, throws, standup submissions, and even the soft art of Taiji in the form of Taiji Mantis Kungfu.

Another example is the chinese Dragon Kungfu. Dragon kungfu originated long ago in its primitive form of the practise of chi flow within the practitioner body. With proper controlled breathing techniques to generate extreme inhuman speed, agility and strength. Gradually, in the art of Shaolin kungfu, the Dragon is used in the form of Dragon claw or grip, with the primary purpose of strong grip on vital points on the enemies body so as to control their movements, inflict locks or breaking techniques, or to suppress them with 'sinking' techniques. The Dragon form then slowly evolves into a stand-alone form with more techniques like the 'Sky Dragon' in flying kicks or leap attacks, ' Earth Dragon' which was borrowed from the primitive 'Dog Kungfu' that incorporates throws, crouching submissions, ground-fighting, ground defense, and ground submissions (BJJ equivalent), and 'Divine Dragon' in the form of those awesome flips, aerials and twists to apply in speedy evasion from enemies.

Apart from chinese martial arts, I am also aware that Korean art like hapkido and han mu do are also evolution from traditional Korean art like Taekkyon and throwing techniques. I also believe that many martial arts of different culture has evolved from traditional forms to hybrid or mixed forms.

Therefore, MMA is not a new system, and most importantly as martial artists or fighters, no matter which style of combat is not important, the importance lies in the perfection of your own style. The passion, pride and perseverance of your own style is more important than learning too many techniques that you may not be able to apply in self-defense or combat.

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